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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Punished? .....not egjhactly

Yes, I am working today, (clears throat) apart from blogging obviously. It feels like I can easily compromise on the Sunday comfort I always longed for. Neither it is my first nor will it be my last, but the passion to accomplish the activities under my command in record time is impelling. Such craving last came when I wanted to reunite the NIT Jamshedpur alumni. Alas! Period.

Well, I cannot blabber all day here. I need to get back to work, so I better sign off. Good day.

PS: BTW, do come back for my next piece of shit. I look forward to pottifying my readers.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The reunion of 2k5

Adityapur pretty much looked the same – wounded roads, shabby houses and vicinity, notorious blaring of horns, and guess what……[sniffs] the DABBA is back with her hiccups, hollering on the roads of Bistupur warning everyone to distance away from her literally breathtaking emissions. Gosh!!! You should have seen her - those rusty looks, eesshhhh ;)

Actually, I was one of the passerby today and I now know how difficult it must have been all these years for the city people. Somebody please knock the doors of PCB to shut her down for not having an NOC. Anyway, cut the crap. I am not even sure if she is galloping without a whip.

Well, I am a lot relieved now because it has been almost 1200 hours since I last blabbered here. This piece of shit finally will surface when I publish it to what has been the bread and butter for my crummy, fading intellect. Also, the convocation rumours have put still-stuck-in-Jamshedpur-2k5-passouts in much trouble and it needs clarification to all those non-Jamshedpur-residents seeking information in this regard that KINDLY SHOVE CONVO RELATED PINGS UP YOUR.....well, you are smart enough to figure out where.

Nevertheless, I would love to meet all of you so we can recollect every lovely moment spent in togetherness in the yesteryear……also, fresh shits from your new world are welcome. Peel, pickle and serve them on the common platter. 22 of this month or of the next years’……don’t even matter. So, let’s do it. Cheerio!!!                           
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