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Sunday, February 28, 2010

I am screwed where I should have excelled

I thought I would score well in QA and DI again and I expected a big leap in VA too. So, I ended up with 99.24%ile in QA but DI......it dipped like mercury does in Iceland. I had expected the score to go up by at least 4%ile because I answered this section with an accuracy of over 90%. So here's the BIG surprise......39.21 against 94.55 in the previous take. QA also dipped by 0.68 but the good news is, VA bettered by 17.63%ile.

Summarily, an overall dip of 8.45 has put me in realisation that I should not attempt this exam from now on. Hmm.....now that's called Man proposes, God disposes. :(


28th feb, 2010 3:45 PM
We are experiencing unusually heavy load on scorecard access server. We will reopen the server after 3 hours.

This message flashed when I tried the CAT Result Website for the millionth time since morning. Wow, what a management!!! Is the Server Rented???

I am quite sure Promo-Trick hadn't expected all candidates plus 2 well wishers per candidate to invade their piece of land at the same time. I see where it goes after 2 years when the number of examinees touches half a million. Huh!!! Anyway, you better get back to your work. Will keep you posted, bye....catch ya later

Saturday, February 27, 2010

BUZZat 2010-11

Dada presented, others walked out, Sensex jumped. So are the prices of several commodities. Time to fasten your pockets. The alarming BUZZ that went off today is going to rip you apart more than ever.

If you hear your mom saying the famous 'Barah rupaye bhindi, bees ke gobhi', please understand that the showtime is over. So what if you have to pay less taxes from now on? I am sure you ignored those advertisements where you are pleaded to turn off the engine at the signal. Or the cooker-cooked food. Well, some steps are praiseworthy while some need to be whipped hard.

Why don't the politicians curtail the expenses on their frequent flying to regions facing election? Wooing janta is pretty much part of their life and janta is easily fooled. After all, they don't have a better choice. All to-be-representatives are pretty much the same. Say the MLA has slept for all the 5 years but one visit by Mr. X and notions change. He stays overnight with a poor family and vote bank upsizes.

Do not go into slumber again. Wake up time. Grahak hi nahi, JAAGO VOTER JAAGO. Ab toh Baba Ramdev ne bhi kamaan sambhaal li hai. Ek mauka unke candidate ko bhi diya jaaye. Hehehehe.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Koi inse sikhe......sikhe inse

Promo-trick conducted the C’mon Admission Taste in the month of December and January. Tasted bad, huh!!!

Those who set format for GREE and SATT weren’t immature, better say silly, to have them conducted round the year across the globe. In other words, some experiments are meant for less populated country where takers are less and a fallback does not have an impact. But the testing leaders took a chance and faced flurry of glitches* even in their unique way of managing things. Now they face over hundreds of queries in their mailbox every day, reason being the unprecedented delay in results due to unannounced, maybe out of shame, causes. But the premier partner institutions have vouched for them. Oye lucky…..lucky oye!!!

*An example for instance. I walked in the testing room. There were 3 supervisors and 2 invigilators. One of the supervisors superficially went through the Admit Card and asked me to sit on Computer Number ‘I do not remember’. I obeyed. The invigilator in the testing area asked me if I had checked in. Now that’s a tricky question. Who would know what an actual check-in actually is in a newly launched format of testing? So I thought if I had my Admit card examined, it should be a ‘Yes, I checked in’. Invigilator got infuriated when the computer laughed at me saying ‘Hey buddy, you are not registered on me’. He cross-checked details on me from the supervisors and inferred I was guilty. So he came back lashing words of fury thinking I would act like a feared 7 year old worried about what if I am kicked out. His bad, he had to face logic backed questions fused with anger and annoyance. Lucky me, he comprehended well and didn’t kick me out. Pompously, I didn’t even thank him (oops). Anyway, I took the test comfortably with 5 minutes to spare.

P.S.: It was 1 Metro-4 Auto rickshaws-2 Buses ride to the centre located several milestones away onto some National Highway. I now realize I should have started at 4 in the morning. Thanks to the gatekeeper to let me in and even find me a suitable reason for 1 hour 25 minutes of delayed check-in.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Best Ad so far

Has to be COKE.....for the compelling performance by Kalki Koechlin and Imran Khan, no PAKAD-PAKAD but soft, easy and mesmerizing.

about the worst, there are many. Some SUPER CEMENT ad is real crap. Nonsense!!!


The GREEDIEST child on the planet……SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR (200*), flurry of boundaries coming every now and then. Need I say anything else?

Anyway, if you missed watching him charge the ball like that, you are real unlucky. Some records are meant to be broken by oneself. What an extraordinary journey so far and still counting!!!

Kuchh bhi bol dena hai.....bas

Mr. Krishna talks about possible bilateral ties with Pakistan although he was wise while mentioning 'time permitting'. FOCUS shall be on TERRORISM.....sure sir, these talks better be result-oriented. Heard and read such promises since I started watching Television and reading newspaper.

Good luck!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

what a DEMOCRACY sirjee!!!

SITUATION (1) The poor in the country die and there is not a hiss.
SITUATION (2) Kasab has to be kept alive so nearly 8.5 lakhs is spent on him everyday.

In the past 15 months, 39 crores has been spent on this terrorist while NREGA is seeing severe irregularities. Once sponsored by like-minded people, now it is GOI's turn......bloody!!! DEMOCRACY in our country saves only riches.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

BIG Announcement

i am eye pea (IMIP) has announced full waiver on all MBA programs for all entrants for the 99 campuses. This decision was taken after all 198 students shifted to the new campus.

In view of this, a fresh advertisement has come up in all leading national newspapers.

FREE Europe Tour
FREE Laptop
FREE MBA....ab toh think beyond IIMs

Saturday, February 20, 2010


i am eye pea (IMIP) inaugrated its 100th campus in New Delhi. The toll rises to 420 in the country. The new campus is located in front of the Su PRIM COAT.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Arvindam said,'We will ensure every village in the country has at least one IMIP. For the cities, an IMIP is planned in each ward. And for metropolitans, we are already outnumbering the number of students enrolled. We have an institute in almost every colony. The new campus was built because all the 198 students in other 99 campuses were from this colony. We were under constant pressure from their parents. Even the travelling expense had gone up by 150 per month from the last fiscal year.'