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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

INDIAN pariwaar LEAGUE – the MODIfied version

All the vital Parliamentary gossips seem to have ceased. IPL is now the real Gamolution. Many  mysteries are unfolded and many are about to. People have switched off television sets, set aside newspaper and upgraded to unlimited broadband plan. Thanks to twitter……the MODIfied version of semi-nude, alcohol-rip, ghar ki kheti IPL has come out with flying colours.

The never-ending list of frauds associated with IPL is heart-rending. Be it income tax jhol, match fixing or even entire tournament fixing, revenue outsourced from  tax havens, violation of International forex rules, involvement of corporate world and complicacies, lack of transparency in its various proceedings, and the best of all, kahani HAR GHAR kii, kahani GHAR GHAR kii. Every bead properly connected might suggest, God knows how many, family trees.

Uhhh…..none can predict what happens next. Let us wait and watch.  

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New kid on the blogosphere

A veteran player in the Indian politics, Honourable Mr. Nitish Kumar is blogging now. A noble inception (http://nitishspeaks.blogspot.com/), though it has come up at a time when opposition shall not leave any stone unturned in marketing it as a pre-election stunt. On the contrary, it might help Nitishji in conveying the righteous message of being a janta-friendly head of the State.

His first blog on empowerment of women through Bicycle Yojana has over 100 comments. Contained within are appreciations, suggestions, and yet few constructive, healthy criticisms unlike any legislative body of the country where howling is very much in practice. Followers list has already passed the hundred mark and the coming week onwards, he might have to devote more time on his e-diary given the bulk of comments pouring in every now and then.

Looks like our CM will now be wholly occupied with the welfare of the people. Kudos to the visionary man. Kudos to his candor.             

Monday, April 19, 2010

Can it not rain-lash any sooner?

Hot and cold are relative terms but the gap between them is widening. It’s not the same mercury I felt so far. The seasons are self-adjusting. Several landforms are acting weird. In fact, while we are wiping our face every now and then here in Patna, my relatives have pulled out blankets from their trunks. Thanks to 150 kilometers per hour easterlies, they no longer need to toss Thanda Thanda Powder all over their body. Garmi ne, literally, le li hai sabki.   

I had thought I will study vigorously in this and the coming month. But all that was part of the plan seems to be wasted just like that. Mornings pass away in a click. IPL takes away my evenings and the induced laziness after lunch drives me to siesta in the afternoon. It is indeed the nights that have given me a little relief and lessened the burden off the pile up of syllabus’ charted out right in front of me. Nevertheless, the mound is turning into a mountain as each day passes. What happens next is so foggy unclear to me. Bachao, bachao, bachao……

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Relief, finally!!!

Since April 3, I was not able to access my account because of my fond lover who I don’t know but he, better be she, actually likes me a lot. Even after failed permutations over the changed security question, I was able to recover my account. Thanks to Google’s sophisticated approach – supply five most mailed persons of the account and you shall be treated as genuine. Utterly butterly happy.  

Rest in peace but how?

I read a slogan sometime back. Dharm todta nahi, jodta hai. I would like to suggest slight modification. Dharm naa todta hai aur naa jodta hai, lekin bigarta jaroor hai.

Few minutes after I was able to recover my hacked account, a team asking donation for some Mahayagya in the locality arrived. Appropriate topic that needs attention but the deaf and the blinds are hooked to Gtalk.

Some 22 lakhs collection target is set, as told to me. Great task, ill motive. Tonnes of wood will be burnt to ashes and we shall inch further towards perishment. No doubt, there would be umpteen number of such based-on-religion misleading ceremonies being planned all across the country. More Yagya, more peace. Hey fools, why not simply follow the preaching and clear your head?

Well, the differently abled human whom we call God may survive the consequences of environmental abuse but we won’t. Uhhh….not use talking, jinko sunana tha wo toh lakdiyan kaat rahe honge. Please ignore my sentiments. 

Saturday, April 3, 2010

CATCHastrophic BALLinger

If you have Vijay, we have Ojha. So, the pressure run chase never makes a difference. Adjust, dude!!!

A match full of blazing strokes every other ball entertained the audience to the fullest. But the most economic spell (4 for 2 wickets and just 15 runs) by CSK’s Doug took away the bright winning chance for RR. Plus, his stunning catch which plugged Pathan out the battle is worth mentioning else the outcome could have been just the opposite.

Catch you later; Mumbai Indians have started cracking really hard.        

Catch loss, match loss

Interesting match, Kings XI Punjab vs. Royal Challengers Bangalore. I followed since Yuvraj started smashing the balls and at the end of 20th over, I had this feeling that they might win today. But pity catch misses and they were slapped in the face. On the top of it, Binga....oops, Lee in the 17th over gave them hope or maybe say, it was cashed by dhamakedaar Uthappa in a fashion that took everyone by surprise.

o boy!!! They are a hopeless case now.

PS: On the sidebar, I have put up SocialVibe. Join hands in supporting a cause for REAL. Thanks in advance.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Everything is set RIGHT

Placed for decades under the Directive Principles of State Policy, it wooed the civil society. Not anymore. India reaches the historic milestone wherefrom every children of the age group 6-14 has the right to free and compulsory education. Education, beginning April 1 of this historic year, becomes a fundamental right although its absoluteness is yet to be determined. So far, only Article 17 and 24 of the Fundamental Rights are absolute in nature, having no reasonable restrictions whatsoever.

Concerning RTE, the government needs to clearly define the provisions. Compulsory is okay but free? I wish it is free only for the disadvantaged groups of the society so that their education is taken care of in a hassle-free and much advanced way. Anyway, the delight is so enormous that such questions are easily scrubbed out.

So, the massive task that lies ahead must be dealt on war-footing bringing together the social organizations, volunteering agencies and many other concerned departments like health, finance, public works, sports, women and child development and the most important of all, Panchayati Raj Institutions. The conventional system also needs to be changed so that this INCLUSIVITY does not wear out over the years. There should indeed be, as cited by Mr. Sibal, a stress-free and friendly learning environment. He and his team, only now, truly deserve a huge round of applause, speaking of which I once again like to remind about the faulty ‘New Clear Lie Ability Bill’.   

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Con-grace will to do the Bill?

First of all, I salute S. Varadarajan for the meticulous account, in The Hindu dated March 31, of the political reluctance to act against the 1984 and 2002 riot instigators. He rightly observes the paternity for the riot system belongs to both the Con-grace and Bee-Jay-Pee.

So, what happens to the Communal Violence Bill? Is it destined to peter out into the veiled pages of pre and post-Independence history? Hopefully yes, because we live in an era of ‘might prevails over the truth’. Everyone is somehow corrupt, so it is obvious they chicken out. It took eight years, six years after coming to power, to summon a man which clearly indicates the willingness of the party although I am not fully aware of the drill in charting testimony of the witnesses. But as it is said, justice delayed is justice denied. Suffering grows deeper, the hue and cry muffles.      

Conversely, the enactment can prevent another Godhra and ensure the cooperation of every believer in HUMANITY to act as one against the irrational-antisocial elements who leave no stone unturned in taking advantage of the irresolute minds amongst us.