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Monday, May 31, 2010

Comes without a title*

This idea is not ingenious as it is supplementary to VKG's attempt (read The Mango Man and The Question Mark). Thanks to him.

So here is a list of Bollywood movies that reminds us of certain characters:

Phool Bane Angaarey - Mayawati (crores worth garland)
Kuch Tum Kaho, Kuch Hum Kahein - Lalit Modi & Sharad Pawar
Mera Naam Joker - Laloo
Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham - Dhoni (CSK followed by WC)
Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander - Nitish Kumar
Muqaddar ka Sikander/Singh is King- MMS
Akele Hum Akele Tum - Salman & Rakhi Sawant
Kis Kis ki Kismat - Pratibha Patil
Ghatak - Raj Thackeray
Ghayal - Varun Gandhi
Diljale/Devdas - Salman
Ram Lakhan/Aa Ab Laut Chale - Ambani Brothers (Fight, grow, monopolize and then, reunite)
Mujhe Kuch (bhi) Kehna Hai - Tharoor
The Turning Brain (ooops) - Mamta Banerjee
Love Aajkal - Bobby Darling
Jab We Met - Sonia and MMS
Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge - Dalai Lama (nothing offensive)
Raaj – The Mystery Continues - Narendra Modi (Godhra)
Wake up Sid - Arindam Chaudhury (think beyond IIMs)
Madam X - Sonia
Hera Pheri - Madhu Koda
Phir Hera Pheri - Laloo
Kal Ho Na Ho - Atalji
Chori Chori Chupke Chupke - Headley
Refugee - MF Hussain
Bade Miya Chhote Miya - Rahul Gandhi & Varun Gandhi
Trimurti/ Awara Pagal Deewana - Laloo, Paswan and Mulayam
Rangeela/LSD - Swami Nityanand
Andaz Apna Apna - Laloo
Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa - Guruji (Jai Jharkhand!!!)
Baap Numbri Beta Das Numbri - Ambanis
Andha Kanoon - Kasab/Afzal

And I already posted about some TV series in VKG’s blog. Here it is again:

Prison Break - Lalooji
LOST - Chidambram (one after another blasts)
24 - Tharoor (wonder if he ever logged out of twitter)
Fringe - Advani (dethroned and aged)
V (Visitors) - Headley
Castle - Laden (self-sponsored)/Kasab (GOI sponsored)
The Mentalist - Baba Ramdev
How (many times) I met your mother- Aamir Khan
Flash Forward - Abdul Kalam (vision 2020)

*because VKG couldn't think of one.

The humorous depiction of characters in the prose works of S.M. Burns-Ncamashe.(Critical Essay): An article from: Journal of Literary Studies

Sunday, May 30, 2010

24 comes to an end

Wonder if Jack Bauer were not a cop…..America would have been the most vulnerable place for terror attacks. He alone equaled the entire fleet of terrorists from all across the world. In other words, he is Sunny paaji in the world of television.

Despite all I said, I must admit that this was the catchiest series I have ever seen. Is that even a word - catchiest? Never mind, eh. Action like never before. David Palmer was too good. Charles Logan was hell of a sinner. Nina Myers, Chloe (what a character, purrrrrrrfect), Tony Almeida, Dana Walsh (the slutty character), Cole Ortiz, Arlo, Omar Hassan aka Anil Kapoor, Michelle Dessler, Mike Novick (the man of integrity), Bill Buchanan, Christopher Henderson, Kyle Singer, Kim Bauer……..everyone was superb.

But there was one thing I expected in the grand finale episode that didn’t happen. A better ending would have been Bauer being shot the moment he fired Yuri’s brains out. A heroic ending indeed would have made the viewers poignant and compelled them to post more touchy comments. Anyway, all those 195 episodes were worth viewing.

I wish Kiefer Sutherland rolls out the ninth season soon.

24: Season Eight

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Little about LOST

The grand finale aired on Sunday and thus, the epic came to an end. A narrative closely scrutinizing rationality vs. mysticism was quite impressive. Flash-sideway universes and the duality of the characters complemented each other throughout the final season.

Every character was well thought of and specially, John Locke was superb. His villanous role further strengthened the plot. Too good show!!! Deserves the rankings it got.....

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going

It is a cliché used for men who rise against all odds. They are the ultimate survivors who can sweat under the blazing sun, can stand the hailstorm and nevertheless perform seamlessly wielding their destiny. They are the performers of the dais which we, the fragile, know by the name of life.

One such performer lies within you, within me and within every man who prefer to try than quit. Hitler or Mussolini or Gandhi or Bhagat Singh…..they were all driven by their will but they chose their destiny differently. Even the means that they chose to accomplishing what they set out for were different. But what they had in common was the impact they had on the lives of those who loved to follow them. All the rest who have read about them in the black and white pages of the history book, including me, are mere spectators who are blinded, deafened and muted by the people who have been empowered to portray these men.

So whether you emerge as a winner is not important, it is the dripping sweat by your chin that shall be accounted for.

P.S.: The examples mentioned above is an attempt to acquaint you with the level of effort put in by them. For qualitative analysis, you need to come back again. Therefore, anti-social elements are requested to completely ignore this article. It can be misleading sometimes, isn’t it?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mumbai maiden trip

I had a sleeper class ticket and it frightened me because the next day, the train was supposed to travel through the always-on-fire Madhya Pradesh. I had forgotten to withdraw money from ATM and I didn’t bother to ask my father for it. So he drove back home. Now I was supposed to find TTE and get my ticket upgraded so I could travel in AC compartment which I eventually did at the cost of nearly half of what I had in my pocket. Acted wise, stayed safe.

But the wisdom was short lived. Mumbai made me sweat and I soon realized it was time to get used to it for the next couple of days. The next day I took the exam (MDL), in an unusual fashion wiping my forehead and my neck every second of it. Moreover, the questions on the subsequent pages seemed to distance away from me. It was more of a psychological test unlike any other PSU entrance exam. WTF!

After the exam got over, I called up bhaiya and bhabhi to say that I was not coming back for dinner. Instead, I went to see Mota and Harsh and thereafter, we caught the IPL final LIVE in 3D in a theatre at some mall. It was fun watching as we cheered for CSK and our super-senior Dhoni, although we tried to be cautious because there were die-hard fans of MI all over the place and none, and I mean it, would have come to our rescue.

The next day I met some of my batchmates. It was only then I realized that there were only two types of people dwelling in Mumbai: the slaves and the rich. They are supposed to pay a hefty amount to their landlord and there isn’t a cheaper izzatdaar option available anywhere else. No wonder this metropolitan has the second largest slum in the continent, Karachi’s Orangi Township surpassing it very recently. So, I can only say that if I ever have to work there, I might consider moving back to my native place and earn whatever can keep me sound and contented.

Then I travelled to Jamshedpur. By then, I was out of pocket and incorrect ATM pin punched thrice blocked the only hope I had. I was forced to borrow from a friend. Never ever in my life I had come across such situation and I was ashamed by the act. Ultimately after a week long trip, I returned to my home sweet home. Nonetheless, the city was on fire and I was ready to be vaporised into thin air.

Ready to spit out after a mon(th) vrat

It’s been a while since I last blogged. Call it exam pressure or fear or the guilt that lay within; I was not in a mood to spare any time on it. Speaking of the exam considering it was my maiden attempt; I did well in GS section. PA was confusing and so, the lack of practice put me in dilemma over the options I never had thought of before. 

In the last week of April, I was touring Mumbai. Guess what, it was sickening to see people being exploited at the hands of big merchants. Slavery in a way still prevails where people are forced to work beyond capacity. Didn’t quite find the third type.

May saw me turn into an infuriated person when I cursed the cruel some nature and to this extent that it rained 2 days ahead of my exams, cooling the D-day for a sigh of relief. Now that I have another shot to take on June 20, I am not much worried. Thanks to my employer, they finally sent the joining letter. So here I am ready to launch myself as a professional, soon to be irritated at the corporate b*s*a*d* who love to exploit people. It is not going to be easy, seriously!!!