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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Do you wanna know what I am upto? Really?

Anyway....first of all, welcome back!!! 

To begin with and without being an ASS, let me just say that I had no clue when I was going to shit it out here after the long vacation I planned having quit my job at TCE. Now that I am back, I just wanna keep writing so that I am not bored when I come back after squeezing each nerve of mine running from the top quadrant of my head to the fifth tiny projection off my right foot. 

Am I talking insane? Uhhh....

Well, I recently joined a Gurgaon-based company as a Patent Analyst, and I am kinda loving the work here. There are no restrictions, by mention of which I meant to point out about dress code and working hours. So, basically if my brain farts out, I can take a break and join in, say, half an hour....or or or....say all my trousers are stolen, so I can still walk in into the office in my boxers. 

Wait....can I? Not really!

But the point is, it's just the right environment to work, and learn how things are actually working in the IP domain....and by IP, I certainly do not mean Internet Protocol. It's called Intellectual Property, like the one I am creating now with each shit thought pouring in from my frontal lobe onto my fingers and then, translated suitably by typing these coherent and logical sequence of words to form sentences, which I think, has become long enough to fart your brains out. So, I think I need to stop right here. Have fun, keep coming back for updates. Chillax!!! :p

Why did this emoticon, that I just punched in, not turn into a notorious tongue-out image? Bullshit....blogger admin, kindly look into this matter ;)

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