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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Self-retrospect…..you still have time

Recently launched Priority Inbox in Gmail is a revelation. I was excited when I heard about it, and even more excited when I reset the home page. Everything seemed alright. Emails from friends, Facebook add requests/follow-up comments, Orkut scraps and many others were automatically filtered.

While I was at it, few emails from job portals hurled in. I had registered on them when I was desperately looking for a writer job. Nevertheless, past is past and CHANGE is the essence of life so I removed their priority tag. All done.....I was happy that now I can customize effectively.

Then, another email came in rushing. As soon as I clicked on it, a message popped up - Is it a priority email? If not, click here. Obviously, I had to cancel it because a female fan had commented on my blog. After I successfully published the comment, an email from Sonam showed up. The same pop-up reappeared. Again I cancelled it. How could I have missed such a lovely message? I wrote that I missed her a lot and that I will see her soon. The next 5 minutes I was lost into our past - the lovely times spent together and some stupid fights. Mixed feeling but felt good.

As the flashback ended, another email popped up. I was surprised to see the filthiness of the language used so I scrolled up to see the sender. It read vishwakarma@heaven.org

Here goes the message:

Kamine, engineer ke naam pe kalank hai tu. I feel ashamed that you are one of us. Abhi tak ladkiyon ke peechhe bhaag raha hai. Job ke liye maine recommend kiya tha tujhe kyoki mujhe laga ki you are better a writer than an engineer. Na ghar ka raha tu, na ghat ka. Sonam toh bahut badi journalist ho gayi hai. Delhi mei usne apna ek flat bhi le liya hai. Tune kya kiya ab tak? Abhi ek mauka aur dunga, sudhar jaa warna.....

Khair chhor.....Vishu here. Buckle up. Bye.


  1. funny post...so tell me was reading the message a wake up call for you? Have you killed Vishu yet?

  2. @abhinav.....it indeed was a wake up call, not killed him but he helped me realize what must be prioritized.

  3. @mj.....thnx, I guess I conveyed the message clearly.