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Saturday, May 29, 2010

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going

It is a cliché used for men who rise against all odds. They are the ultimate survivors who can sweat under the blazing sun, can stand the hailstorm and nevertheless perform seamlessly wielding their destiny. They are the performers of the dais which we, the fragile, know by the name of life.

One such performer lies within you, within me and within every man who prefer to try than quit. Hitler or Mussolini or Gandhi or Bhagat Singh…..they were all driven by their will but they chose their destiny differently. Even the means that they chose to accomplishing what they set out for were different. But what they had in common was the impact they had on the lives of those who loved to follow them. All the rest who have read about them in the black and white pages of the history book, including me, are mere spectators who are blinded, deafened and muted by the people who have been empowered to portray these men.

So whether you emerge as a winner is not important, it is the dripping sweat by your chin that shall be accounted for.

P.S.: The examples mentioned above is an attempt to acquaint you with the level of effort put in by them. For qualitative analysis, you need to come back again. Therefore, anti-social elements are requested to completely ignore this article. It can be misleading sometimes, isn’t it?

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