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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ready to spit out after a mon(th) vrat

It’s been a while since I last blogged. Call it exam pressure or fear or the guilt that lay within; I was not in a mood to spare any time on it. Speaking of the exam considering it was my maiden attempt; I did well in GS section. PA was confusing and so, the lack of practice put me in dilemma over the options I never had thought of before. 

In the last week of April, I was touring Mumbai. Guess what, it was sickening to see people being exploited at the hands of big merchants. Slavery in a way still prevails where people are forced to work beyond capacity. Didn’t quite find the third type.

May saw me turn into an infuriated person when I cursed the cruel some nature and to this extent that it rained 2 days ahead of my exams, cooling the D-day for a sigh of relief. Now that I have another shot to take on June 20, I am not much worried. Thanks to my employer, they finally sent the joining letter. So here I am ready to launch myself as a professional, soon to be irritated at the corporate b*s*a*d* who love to exploit people. It is not going to be easy, seriously!!!       


  1. yeah ......very true abt corporate life.
    Keep ur blog alive....its a treat to see things from ur glasses.

  2. I am flattered...and thanx for your beautiful views, now onwards I shall try to keep it that way.

  3. I certainly missed the 'from ur glasses' part....glasses are just aid, how I see things comes from the varied experiences so far in my life