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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mumbai maiden trip

I had a sleeper class ticket and it frightened me because the next day, the train was supposed to travel through the always-on-fire Madhya Pradesh. I had forgotten to withdraw money from ATM and I didn’t bother to ask my father for it. So he drove back home. Now I was supposed to find TTE and get my ticket upgraded so I could travel in AC compartment which I eventually did at the cost of nearly half of what I had in my pocket. Acted wise, stayed safe.

But the wisdom was short lived. Mumbai made me sweat and I soon realized it was time to get used to it for the next couple of days. The next day I took the exam (MDL), in an unusual fashion wiping my forehead and my neck every second of it. Moreover, the questions on the subsequent pages seemed to distance away from me. It was more of a psychological test unlike any other PSU entrance exam. WTF!

After the exam got over, I called up bhaiya and bhabhi to say that I was not coming back for dinner. Instead, I went to see Mota and Harsh and thereafter, we caught the IPL final LIVE in 3D in a theatre at some mall. It was fun watching as we cheered for CSK and our super-senior Dhoni, although we tried to be cautious because there were die-hard fans of MI all over the place and none, and I mean it, would have come to our rescue.

The next day I met some of my batchmates. It was only then I realized that there were only two types of people dwelling in Mumbai: the slaves and the rich. They are supposed to pay a hefty amount to their landlord and there isn’t a cheaper izzatdaar option available anywhere else. No wonder this metropolitan has the second largest slum in the continent, Karachi’s Orangi Township surpassing it very recently. So, I can only say that if I ever have to work there, I might consider moving back to my native place and earn whatever can keep me sound and contented.

Then I travelled to Jamshedpur. By then, I was out of pocket and incorrect ATM pin punched thrice blocked the only hope I had. I was forced to borrow from a friend. Never ever in my life I had come across such situation and I was ashamed by the act. Ultimately after a week long trip, I returned to my home sweet home. Nonetheless, the city was on fire and I was ready to be vaporised into thin air.

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