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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lukhkha Pandey katl-e-aam

Brought to you in association with Foogle and MeowTube….the DOCUMENTary waala

[Buffering (%)…..2]

Hi Lukhkha, how

[Buffering (%)…..15]

are you today? Let me tell you that this video certainly will prove to be a turning point in your life. Do not be surprised if I tell you

[Buffering (%)…..35]

that I came across your blog 'A request one dare not forward' where you not only insulted my intellect but also eyed me in a sullied manner.

[Buffering (%)…..75]

I may not be well connected like you but your appraisal for the financial year 2010-11 will be on my desk again and this time, not only the horrible-looking Rashmi but every tom-dick-harry will be promoted minus, ofcourse, you. But don’t worry, I have thought of an alternative for you. I hope you won’t mind typing your resignation letter. Not

[Buffering (%)…..100]

now, not now…..patience boy…..I want to see you at my desk…..the very first hour in the office tomorrow. Then you are supposed to voluntarily type your resignation. And yes, be punctual…..you know how much I hate latecomers. 

Yours never,
HatcheR Manager
(waves in action) Chaata    


  1. seems like one of the victims of Lay-offs during the recession season..Shift of Power Play in the corporate world is disgusting,unwanted and unpredicted...Just hate it...hate my "HatcheR Manager" too..

  2. @jai...yes, everyone hates

    @vkg...not even that, totally screwed