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Thursday, August 12, 2010

A request one dare not forward

Disclaimer: The following letter is entirely fictitious. Any resemblance to a disgusting thought or an offensive sentence is merely-highly-purely unintentional.

The HatcheR Manager
Chaata Insulting Pioneers Unlimited
Chaatanagar, India

Subject: Just like that


I know it is difficult to hatch, oops…..find female engineers and on top of it, suitable for the role of a consultant in a company like ours. For instance, look at yourself. Did you ever think you could compete in an engineering entrance? If yes, kindly erase that tiniest bit of confusion. I do not deny that a management (better say, donation) quota seat would have been an easy alternative.

You are beautiful and I know how much every-day-every-moment make-up means to you. No offence but you did the right thing. Your job wants you anytime in the office which is quite a relief for many. This office would have been a big ZERO without you. Not that you are the only lady here (although we are far behind the software companies in terms of quantity, let alone quality) but it is you we come across on and off every morning. Kadam kadam pe saath diya hai aapne. Our career aka salary growth depends entirely on you, forwarding our appraisal to the concerned authority. I also know that you have not done any indigestible injustice to me so far, expect you promoting the horrible-looking Rashmi a year ahead of me which did hurt.

Well, I must not beat around the bush and better get to the point. My tender heart starts to beat harder when each year you and your team go out on a recruitment drive. I wish I were there to accompany you. You must have heard this saying Ek panth do kaaj. What I want to say is that whatever resources available we should look at it positively and even explore beyond, for example science graduates. I am of the view that knowledge must be shared and this way the dreams of those who missed the tension-free engineering life and subsequently, the dream of turning into an engineer will easily be realized.

What do you think? Reply asap.

Yours forever,
Lukhkha Pandey
Senior Engineer without Assistant
Destruction BU   
+91 – I know you have my new number
Email: ghayal.aashique@frustugang.com


  1. ha ha ha...kahan se sochte ho bhai yeh sab...mast hai...

  2. thnx yaar.....waise, aisa thought toh har engineer ke paas hota hai. maine bas post kar diya.

  3. really nice n all true :)
    keep writing.

  4. thnx yaar...agle waale mei jaada truth hai, just that abhi post nahi kiya but soon i will