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Sunday, February 28, 2010

I am screwed where I should have excelled

I thought I would score well in QA and DI again and I expected a big leap in VA too. So, I ended up with 99.24%ile in QA but DI......it dipped like mercury does in Iceland. I had expected the score to go up by at least 4%ile because I answered this section with an accuracy of over 90%. So here's the BIG surprise......39.21 against 94.55 in the previous take. QA also dipped by 0.68 but the good news is, VA bettered by 17.63%ile.

Summarily, an overall dip of 8.45 has put me in realisation that I should not attempt this exam from now on. Hmm.....now that's called Man proposes, God disposes. :(

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