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Saturday, February 27, 2010

BUZZat 2010-11

Dada presented, others walked out, Sensex jumped. So are the prices of several commodities. Time to fasten your pockets. The alarming BUZZ that went off today is going to rip you apart more than ever.

If you hear your mom saying the famous 'Barah rupaye bhindi, bees ke gobhi', please understand that the showtime is over. So what if you have to pay less taxes from now on? I am sure you ignored those advertisements where you are pleaded to turn off the engine at the signal. Or the cooker-cooked food. Well, some steps are praiseworthy while some need to be whipped hard.

Why don't the politicians curtail the expenses on their frequent flying to regions facing election? Wooing janta is pretty much part of their life and janta is easily fooled. After all, they don't have a better choice. All to-be-representatives are pretty much the same. Say the MLA has slept for all the 5 years but one visit by Mr. X and notions change. He stays overnight with a poor family and vote bank upsizes.

Do not go into slumber again. Wake up time. Grahak hi nahi, JAAGO VOTER JAAGO. Ab toh Baba Ramdev ne bhi kamaan sambhaal li hai. Ek mauka unke candidate ko bhi diya jaaye. Hehehehe.

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