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Friday, February 26, 2010

Koi inse sikhe......sikhe inse

Promo-trick conducted the C’mon Admission Taste in the month of December and January. Tasted bad, huh!!!

Those who set format for GREE and SATT weren’t immature, better say silly, to have them conducted round the year across the globe. In other words, some experiments are meant for less populated country where takers are less and a fallback does not have an impact. But the testing leaders took a chance and faced flurry of glitches* even in their unique way of managing things. Now they face over hundreds of queries in their mailbox every day, reason being the unprecedented delay in results due to unannounced, maybe out of shame, causes. But the premier partner institutions have vouched for them. Oye lucky…..lucky oye!!!

*An example for instance. I walked in the testing room. There were 3 supervisors and 2 invigilators. One of the supervisors superficially went through the Admit Card and asked me to sit on Computer Number ‘I do not remember’. I obeyed. The invigilator in the testing area asked me if I had checked in. Now that’s a tricky question. Who would know what an actual check-in actually is in a newly launched format of testing? So I thought if I had my Admit card examined, it should be a ‘Yes, I checked in’. Invigilator got infuriated when the computer laughed at me saying ‘Hey buddy, you are not registered on me’. He cross-checked details on me from the supervisors and inferred I was guilty. So he came back lashing words of fury thinking I would act like a feared 7 year old worried about what if I am kicked out. His bad, he had to face logic backed questions fused with anger and annoyance. Lucky me, he comprehended well and didn’t kick me out. Pompously, I didn’t even thank him (oops). Anyway, I took the test comfortably with 5 minutes to spare.

P.S.: It was 1 Metro-4 Auto rickshaws-2 Buses ride to the centre located several milestones away onto some National Highway. I now realize I should have started at 4 in the morning. Thanks to the gatekeeper to let me in and even find me a suitable reason for 1 hour 25 minutes of delayed check-in.

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