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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Con-grace will to do the Bill?

First of all, I salute S. Varadarajan for the meticulous account, in The Hindu dated March 31, of the political reluctance to act against the 1984 and 2002 riot instigators. He rightly observes the paternity for the riot system belongs to both the Con-grace and Bee-Jay-Pee.

So, what happens to the Communal Violence Bill? Is it destined to peter out into the veiled pages of pre and post-Independence history? Hopefully yes, because we live in an era of ‘might prevails over the truth’. Everyone is somehow corrupt, so it is obvious they chicken out. It took eight years, six years after coming to power, to summon a man which clearly indicates the willingness of the party although I am not fully aware of the drill in charting testimony of the witnesses. But as it is said, justice delayed is justice denied. Suffering grows deeper, the hue and cry muffles.      

Conversely, the enactment can prevent another Godhra and ensure the cooperation of every believer in HUMANITY to act as one against the irrational-antisocial elements who leave no stone unturned in taking advantage of the irresolute minds amongst us.        

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