Whatsoever resemblance to any living or whosoever dead is INTENSE-NULL

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rest in peace but how?

I read a slogan sometime back. Dharm todta nahi, jodta hai. I would like to suggest slight modification. Dharm naa todta hai aur naa jodta hai, lekin bigarta jaroor hai.

Few minutes after I was able to recover my hacked account, a team asking donation for some Mahayagya in the locality arrived. Appropriate topic that needs attention but the deaf and the blinds are hooked to Gtalk.

Some 22 lakhs collection target is set, as told to me. Great task, ill motive. Tonnes of wood will be burnt to ashes and we shall inch further towards perishment. No doubt, there would be umpteen number of such based-on-religion misleading ceremonies being planned all across the country. More Yagya, more peace. Hey fools, why not simply follow the preaching and clear your head?

Well, the differently abled human whom we call God may survive the consequences of environmental abuse but we won’t. Uhhh….not use talking, jinko sunana tha wo toh lakdiyan kaat rahe honge. Please ignore my sentiments.