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Monday, April 19, 2010

Can it not rain-lash any sooner?

Hot and cold are relative terms but the gap between them is widening. It’s not the same mercury I felt so far. The seasons are self-adjusting. Several landforms are acting weird. In fact, while we are wiping our face every now and then here in Patna, my relatives have pulled out blankets from their trunks. Thanks to 150 kilometers per hour easterlies, they no longer need to toss Thanda Thanda Powder all over their body. Garmi ne, literally, le li hai sabki.   

I had thought I will study vigorously in this and the coming month. But all that was part of the plan seems to be wasted just like that. Mornings pass away in a click. IPL takes away my evenings and the induced laziness after lunch drives me to siesta in the afternoon. It is indeed the nights that have given me a little relief and lessened the burden off the pile up of syllabus’ charted out right in front of me. Nevertheless, the mound is turning into a mountain as each day passes. What happens next is so foggy unclear to me. Bachao, bachao, bachao……


  1. Nice... its really too hot in april... unlike last year...


  2. thanks Tanay....it is not really the easy April, Mayhem yet to come