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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

INDIAN pariwaar LEAGUE – the MODIfied version

All the vital Parliamentary gossips seem to have ceased. IPL is now the real Gamolution. Many  mysteries are unfolded and many are about to. People have switched off television sets, set aside newspaper and upgraded to unlimited broadband plan. Thanks to twitter……the MODIfied version of semi-nude, alcohol-rip, ghar ki kheti IPL has come out with flying colours.

The never-ending list of frauds associated with IPL is heart-rending. Be it income tax jhol, match fixing or even entire tournament fixing, revenue outsourced from  tax havens, violation of International forex rules, involvement of corporate world and complicacies, lack of transparency in its various proceedings, and the best of all, kahani HAR GHAR kii, kahani GHAR GHAR kii. Every bead properly connected might suggest, God knows how many, family trees.

Uhhh…..none can predict what happens next. Let us wait and watch.  

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