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Friday, June 25, 2010

Pledge, Plunge, Plan

I and the JAAG incubator came across a cribber/turd about a week ago on Shobhaa’s blog. Shobhaa, you got it right - the uncalled-for sex educator of the Indian society who thinks teenagers feed on her novels to know about the doctrines of Kamasutra. Foolishly crap!

So, this cribber/turd, who is a she, is one of the lamest citizen a country can't afford to have. She is also the best example of being a shitload-cum-tragedy to a family. Anyway, I am certain you aren’t like her. On the contrary if you are, you might consider resigning from this page now…..like NOW.

Coming to the point, today’s youths have a lot on their mind…..education, love and job - ONE and ONLY reason. It appears they are THREE reasons but in the actual sense of living in this era, they are so intertwined that one can only imagine to untie them to be counted as discrete needs in life. But it never ends just there. What is even more interesting is the acquiescence and consequently an initiative by WE types in opening up a morcha against the grubby/dodgy/rickety amphitheater of politics. Umpteen numbers of blogs, including mine, have come up to speak for mass awakening drives. Someone might say why not you get into the political shoes. Seriously, I can’t. First of all, I am no Machiavelli nor I have any blind-fan following like LPY. Secondly, “Always act wise - Impulsive decisions can be fatal” was taught to me by my guru. Third, why don’t you consider that for yourself? Why pinning down on me? The torch-bearer might not always lead the way. Some light up your way walking behind.

Arrrggghhh, distraction is such a curse. Where was I?

Yes, the youth today says “Aaj se khilaana band, pilaana shuru”. Bingo! Conscientiousness actually is vital to the beginning of a new era but it isn’t a trait that can be instilled the easy way in each being. It has to come gradually, as a result of moral education or genetically…..and never ever it is possible by means of thrashing or humiliating, as it only aggravates a rebellious side subsided within. So you need to pledge, then plunge and accordingly plan if you want to be the CHANGE you want to see in the society. JAAGoooo re!

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  1. Proud of you, man!! Will make the reservoir soon! Time nahi mil pa raha kuch dino se!