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Saturday, March 6, 2010


April 15, 2015

New Delhi: A nursery student has filed a RTI seeking information on the methodology used in calculating his score and percentile in the end semester exams. When his parents asked the Principal, they were informed that Psychometric equivalence system was adopted due to the difference in the difficulty level of the exam papers. The online exam was held from March 12 to March 25 because the strength of the class had gone up from 50 to 95.

One of the faculty members said,’ In the English paper held on March 12, 13 and 14, only the spelling of the domestic animals were asked while on the other 3 days for this paper, the students were asked to identify the animals from a given set of pictures. So we suggested the exam be conducted in alignment with the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing.’ The said standard was for the first time used in CAT 2009 exam and is supposed to be extended to almost every exam in the country including the recruitment exams. Due to this practice, almost every day an exam is conducted resulting in an increase in employment. Many who haven’t passed secondary school have been recruited as invigilators.

‘This method has brought a revolution in our country. Although the students taking the exam are mostly dissatisfied, we cannot and must not ignore the fact that it has given employment opportunity to many people which remains to be our major concern and priority’, Mr. XYZ said.

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