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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jinxed for lifetime

It’s no more about a drop in the ocean. Contamination is what I see in the first place. Fatal diseases, as we already have conquered many, have been replaced by the hive of terror. Death is no more painful but instant.
They kill thirty-eight; we shall kill three hundred eight. The process of retaliation has and will never cease to exist. It is highly chronic and shall continue to haunt until each one of us perish again for the best. A fresh start, rekindled with hope and kindness. It shall be the ground of new experiments for His latest technology on life. But as it is the destiny of every civilization, it will also find its flaws and peak like hell to wrap up for the next. It does not have to be Moscow or Mumbai or New York. It could be ‘Sea-bed vs. Troposphere’ or ‘Milky Way vs. Andromeda’.

Oh…..now, don’t turn pessimistic. I do not intend to talk you into it. It is the nature that I described. Liven up! There is lot more happiness than you tried so far. The government is doing its job, not well enough though. Resources too have to be conserved, right?     

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