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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Confession of Mr. Recession

Dear Indian Customers,

I know your sugar/vegetable/petrol consumption has declined since I burgled into your house. Believe me; I did not bring myself upon you. I was unintentionally programmed by the great players of the market to sweep off your almirah shelves when your peers in America defaulted on their home loans. Without doubt, the principles of financial prudence were ignored while disbursing the risky loans but does it matter now? 

The greed of higher returns led to the housing bubble which eventually burst. Despite the preventive measures by US Federal Reserve, I unwillingly swelled beneath your nose under the alias ‘Sub-prime Crisis’. Also, I had no idea about globalization as I last surfaced in 1930. Such cascading effect was not expected this time. You might still be angry but trust me, you are lucky that you lived in India. The major chunk of your loan is issued by the public sector banks that are extremely cautious. Plus, your bankers barely know about the CDOs.

Anyway, I am exceedingly sorry to have come to you despite the huge expanse of the oceans on your three sides and the shielding sky-soaring mountain on the fourth. Saluting your valor for fighting back this long.  

Warm regards,
Your never-returning adversary  

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  1. All smiles! Confession posts, always a thumbs up! A real innovative write!

  2. Thnx......btw, this is the first of many that keeps coming to my mind :)