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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Confidential Letter that was mistakenly revealed

March 15, 1950

Dear Shiva,

What’s up, buddy!!! I hope that you and your family are in sound health.     

By now, Naaradmuni must have told you about the twin city bombing. Remember the evil element that we hid at numerous places under the soil? These humans unearthed and used them to terrorize the innocent people and then, conquered that country. Heartrending, isn’t it?

Hey, in my previous letter I told you about the rapid deforestation in North America and Europe. You won’t believe, India too has joined the league. They will soon be drafting a five year plan, now that they set up a Planning Commission today in the morning session of their Parliament. Actually, I don’t blame them because anyway the sufferings shall ensue collectively. They also have the right to comfort after all the sufferings they had under the British Raj. Some day they will realize but then it might be too late. We don’t need to go into much detail. Let them dig their own grave. Our role is better limited to mechanizing the process. Speaking of which, I actually wrote this letter asking you for a favor, and I know you won’t disappoint me. I want you to come back to Earth and chalk out a plan for complete destruction. After all, you are an expert in this field. Just that make it look like we aren't responsible for it.

If you want it faster, you can contact Vishwakarma. Only he can instill in these people the expertise to build more advanced tools of comfort-cum-destruction. Another better idea can be uncapping the global warming. Like numerous machines releasing emissions that can gradually deplete the ozone layer. Oh, I still remember those times when we engineered that layer once Sun agreed to live with us in our system (even though we had to name the entire system after him). What an accomplishment that was! We asked him to lighten up the place and provide us warmth in winters but never did we expect to put him to this alternate use. But I am sure he would love to.

Okay, this is it. No further I am willing to waste any precious ink on these morons. BTW, do you know about the space programs these people are working on? The day is not far when they probe-find your abode because they have somehow realized the connection between Earth and Moon. Hehehe, I am not boasting but I must say I created the most intelligent species so far. Okay, now I am signing off. Do write back about your arrival so I can plan the trip to Mars for my new project. 

Your friend forever,


  1. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    innovative, bhai!!! kahan se aaya dimaag mein?

  2. :) thnx dude....aise khayalat bahut aate hain aajkal

  3. Gud going yaar r u planning to write any book or its just the practice for writing long answers in civil services?? :P

  4. thnx, first of all.....second, I am not practicing answer writing dude, this is just that I feel a lot these days

  5. third....not planning to write a book, no as of now

  6. :)....Fiction,Facts and Fun...kamaal combination hai....mast...

  7. neta...brahma jee ne aise ideas sapne me diye the kya...

  8. @abhinav....I think so but does it matter? likha to maine hi hai, so completely my pleasure :)