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Monday, June 14, 2010

Quizzing the blog way.....not only funny!!!

I assume many of you know about an interesting series – Lapataganj on Sab TV. After all, asli maza sab ke saath aata hai. Don’t get me wrong….I have not been paid to advertise.

Anyway, there is a character that happens to relate every tom-dick-harry activity to his pitaaji (father). So, if someone brings up football in the discussion, he will say Football toh pitaaji khela karte the. Hmmm….wonder what happens to few great personalities when their children blabber the same way. So, here is a list of such one liner, the names omitted to let your hippocampus churn out the possibilities for a sugary tickle under your belly:
  • Ghotala toh pitaaji kiya karte the
  • Chaara toh pitaaji khaya karte the
  • Tweet toh pitaaji kiya karte the
  • Party toh pitaaji badla karte the
  • Daaru pee kar footpath pe gaari toh pitaaji chadhaya karte the
  • Sush ke saath saath aish toh pitaaji kiya karte the
  • (in American accent) Methyl isocyanate toh pitaaji leak kiya karte the
  • India shining ki hawa toh pitaaji chhora karte the
  • Classy hone pe bhi Aag jaisi movie toh pitaaji banaya karte the
  • Dharm ke naam pe sex scandal toh pitaaji kiya karte the
  • Lewinski ka shikaar toh pitaaji kiya karte the
  • Budhaape mei bhi saare movie contract toh pitaaji le jaya karte the
  • Bina peeye Madhusala toh pitaaji likha karte the
  • Party chief hone aur apne constituency mei railway zone banane ke baawzood election toh pitaaji haara karte the
  • Regionalism toh pitaaji kiya karte the (applies to don’t-know-how-many generations)
  • Swiss bank mei kaala dhan toh pitaaji jama kiya karte the (long list of baagar-billas)
  • WTC toh pitaaji uraya karte the
  • Sansad Bhawan/Taj attack toh pitaaji plan kiya karte the
  • Ghatiya, rone-dhone, ghar ko todne waale serial toh pitaaji….oops maataji banaya karti thi
  • Apni aur joridaar Haathi ki statues toh maataji banwaya karti thi                
  • Jantaa ke paison ki maala toh maataji pehna karti thi
  • TV, saaree, purse aur hazaaro jootiyaan toh maataji ghapla karti thi
  • Godmother/kingpin toh maataji hua karti thi
Ughhhh….guys, spare me. I am now sick of these lines. Punch in your thoughts and suggest any funnier character that crosses your mind.

Happy blogging!


  1. maar lo, bhai sabki, maar lo!!! riot!

  2. @bunty.....hehehe, I feel that there can be umpteen no. of ways to awaken people from slumber, wat say u???