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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tragedy with WE, the people

Trying to keep it short and simple, it isn’t about the upcoming elections in Bihar as a political crisis is inevitable. This is rather about the types of people who represent us. I categorize them into the deaf, the dumb and the blind.

The deaf and the blind are the ones who go impaired once they are done with the voters i.e. after the elections. Winning or losing don’t matter. In other words, they are initially a seasonal non-deaf and a protracted deaf thereafter, even though they pretend to be normal when they tour around. Conned you!

The dumb is the one who goes impaired in the same fashion as the deaf and the blind but unlike them, he is eager to hear you out or even look into your misery. Obviously that suggests he is a forced-mute. Fooled you!

Oops….there is also the rare fourth type - the lame.  Although it sounds like I am talking about dictators. The last known personality was Hitler, and the recent one to be tagged is Nitish Kumar. Thackerays are self-proclaimed, so they can be ignored. So, the lame is the one who fights tooth and nail for the welfare of his people but his limbs are axed by his peers when they no longer are able to reap any benefits under his command, sometimes by his rivals when they know letting him loose any further shall earn them a ticket to their retirement. Sympathy seekers!

The above said four types combined give rise to WE, the people. Ain’t all of this the tragedy? 

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