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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's way too complicated......

A pair of foot approaching the doorsteps caught my attention. It was quarter past midnight. I was at my study table, about 5 yards away from the door, revising under night lamp for the exam ahead. As the room was not properly lit, it occurred to me there stood a lady by the door. She seemed to know me well, and came close in no time. I said to myself, why the hell study so much if I can’t even enjoy this enticing blissful moment? Kal ho na ho……

And there she was about half a yard away. I was across the table and I began to imagine what she would look like. The long hair that run till her waist line were symptomatic of the fairy from the romantic, magical pages of the fairy tales. Except that she suited up, it made me feel I found the one. I wanted to tell her how much I appreciated her coming.

“May I request you to hold back your kind words?” I spoke with an utter surge of emotions through my veins from my head to my head. “I know this isn’t the right place or the time for those magical three words but trust me, this will be the most cherished part of our lives that we together will ink with our love”. I continued being overtly poetic. “And I know you too….”

“I too what, Nikhil?” The reply in a masculine tone shut me down. “You continue to ruin things for me on your blog.” She bent over to speak further. I noticed the badge on her coat that read THINK BEYOND. “And I have come only to tell you not to rubble me down or my institute.”

I felt a shudder. “Arindam? Is it you?”

The curtains are lifted and a splash of water wakes me up from the slumber.

Horrible Dream (Glis Mix)