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Friday, March 26, 2010

5 days without blog

March 21: I decided to skip blog and study intensive. It felt more than satisfactory at the end of the day. I had achieved more than what was set ought to be.

March 22: I set what I could never achieve. Pointlessly but I tried.

March 23: I tried to make up for the previous day besides another un-do-able task. S**t!!! 5 hours of sleep. Mission, though, accomplished.

March 24: I tried to lessen my burden but couldn’t lessen my anxiety. So, I pushed harder and ended up with bloated eyes, muddled brain and aching body parts. 3 hours of sleep.

March 25: Doooooooode, you shouldn’t be reading this. Anyway, I decided not to study at all. Instead, I was on my way to HP service centre when I almost escaped a partial mental breakdown. I felt like I was going into coma. I skipped all jobs set for the day and turned towards home.
     I didn’t share with my family what I was going through and slept, switching off my mobile, for 3 hours. In the evening, talked to Kamlesh….relieving words by him, and then followed IPL 3 on Max. Good clashes, both of them. God had to win….SACH a player.

March 26: I am fine today. Studied mild in the morning but you must go back to your work now. I got to study again.

Good bye and do pray that I succeed, harmlessly. Thanks in advance. Love you all.