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Sunday, March 7, 2010

BIHAR, it’s time. Gear up!!!

Do you want to know what real progress is? Have you ever thought of returning back home in time, cutting through the crawling traffic, so you could share some moments of togetherness with your family? Have you prayed at least once for the victims of flood?

I know you have but who cares. You may end up banging your head against the wall and praying for some temporary happiness. But what I feel is you can actually bring permanency to this almost-utopian-for-Bihar wish.

You might also want to figure out what it is to breathe in free air, work hassle-free for some cause, raise your voice against corruption, and laugh with your friends as much as you want and night-out as long as you want.

Let the most-democratic-so-far be serving you for another 10 years. You might even forget those 15 years of oppression, extortion, fear and what not.

PS: Save a CL for the voting day in your constituency.


  1. Hail Nitish!

    Election ke din chhutti nahi hoti kya??

  2. State assembly election ke din poore country mei chhutti nahi hoti....so yes, people need to save a CL and none can stop, its constitutional right and any boss defying it can be brought to book.