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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Haan-ji-pur, all set to re-establish RAM raaj

A suggested modification in the much-talked-about bill shall restore the traditional We-men constituencies. Nevertheless, it shall empower women too. DUAL MEMBERSHIP, what a brainchild!!! Jab ek se nahi sambhal paaya, introduce two. Hey Incubator, if you are reading it please accept my appraisal for the-only-fine idea that hitherto came to your mind.
Say the elected representatives are one from Bee-Jay-Pee and another from Con-grace. Mind-blowing, huh!!! Power to the people reinstated. Now, who can stop the I-am-the-real-public-servant competition and hence, the overall development of the region? But on the other hand if both are from the SHAME party, the misdirected flow of revenue shall be jet-fast. The latter seems to be a bitter consequence than the better former.
Wonder if the beautiful wives (which shall be the case of Haan-ji-pur) come forward and ask you for both the votes. You might forget all the pain for the-truly-yours (voting) moment and then bang your head for 5 years against her poster wherein she posed hand-folded asking for your vote and which shall now express “I am sorry dude....please forgive me”. Sir Incubator, aapki toh nikal padi. None’s more than beautiful than yours. By the way, HIT-LAR (maaro-laro) had done the same thing. Killed many to save his own land. Killing isn’t the intent in the present case, rather it is sacrificing. How modest!!!
I am not a political expert, hence I won’t continue on it. Just that this idea came to my mind, I thought I must share it. Sorry for launching it up here……really sorry.
PS: A kind request to all (M)ess-Null parties, replace your LOSER SUPREMO, if any. Soldier may lose many battles but the King loses it once and for ever.


  1. an apt commentary! india'a politics...wow!

  2. Wooo-men!!!
    Thats what actually our head-ship meant from this new bill.Bravo for your critics!!!

  3. sahiiii!!! i mean u shud start writing editorials dude , from where do u think of terms like "Be-Gay-Pea.... Kaun-Go-Race".
    nice man ..,keep it up :)

  4. it feels good when friends appreciate....love u all