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Monday, March 29, 2010

The NEW me

After the tragic incident of March 25, I have now reduced the study hours drastically. I actually had forgotten that I studied, oops…..was registered, for four years in NIT Jamshedpur. As of now, all the vigour is lost, patience is spilled out and the best part, acumen is rusted.

So, here is the new me. A blog every evening (mostly), a comedy movie before going to bed and lots of chatting scattered in bits. This way I am relaxed but the burden has, in fact, been piling up. While I am finding my new lifestyle irresistible, I am also worried I might have to gallop towards the end of April. 23rd May, kindly delay your coming.

Looking forward to your kind consideration.

Thanks but disregards.
Nikhil Bhaskar

By the way, do you think Ms. Witness Gupta is a partner in crime and that she should be punished as well? Your VOTE is entirely your responsibility. Put it in comments.           


  1. As our very own loku bhai would say, guchch raho na yaar!!

    23rd may ko kya hai?

    who's witness gupta?

  2. 23rd May ko UPSC ka exam hai, and Ms. Gupta is a witness in the tragic demolition case.