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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Clear Lie Ability Bill

Compensation is indeed needed and so is needed this 'Lie Ability' bill but not when the victim loses all his ability. As cherry on the top, the operator (NPSeaIL for the time being) has 10 years until claim!!! Are you crazy?
‘A deeply flawed bill’ is well suggested by Mr. Editor (refer The Hindu dated March 16, 2010). Marred by inadequate compensation, lingering trial of the culprit and always an option for the designers and suppliers of the facility to stay off the hook. Now after the hammering fart, the latter might say to the former two IDIOTs, “I didn’t do it, Raju”. Amazing, huh!!!
Well, the third BUNCH of IDIOTS will howl and pelt ice blocks in front of the Ice-Picker. You better go through the article.

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