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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Deadly Day-bid

He walked in the broad daylight, charted all possible soft targets and executed his plans. On the contrary, we slept like never before, guarded only in-land (read, Operation Grin-hunt) and failed to stop this man twice and God only knows how many yet to be revealed.

But, here’s the good news. The meanistry is stretching out to gain access to the man in discussion. A formal communication would be routed through official channels, refer The Hindu dated March 27, and be sent, although in the next week, to the concerned department of the sister-victim (read, 9/11) country.

Don’t you think such a snail paced work isn’t a relief for those who lost their kith and kin? So for the time being, you can either ensconce in your swivel chair or raise your voice to expedite the proceedings. Be it 26/11 or German Bakery, common people have been the sufferers and only promises are made in the name of justice.

To remind you, recent times have seen people and social organizations swaying RTI as a tool which, over the years, has grown mightier than the pen (read, the media). Although times change and block-holes are countered (read, Amendment seeking proposals for the Act). But then, we should not be the mock spectators of despair and sorrow. What say you?

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