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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Late begun than never begun

Gates Foundation, as we all know, encourages innovation in science and technology and bio-technology, and recently, it got into social and cultural changes as well. The Philosophy of Giving back to the society is in picture now. Rightly said…..where there is a Bill, there is a way.

The founders, Bill and Melinda, have made a commitment to exhaust all the amassed wealth. Unsurprisingly, it will take 50 years after the last of the two die. On the top of it is the Berkshire Gift announced by Warren Buffet. So, the raised funding has blatantly widened the ambit of this great initiative to improve rural and urban health in India.

As of now, the target set is bringing down the unacceptably high death rates for children less than five years of age in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Refer, The Hindu dated March 29. Kicked off well but they have miles to go. The fortune thus put to some sensible use.

Best wishes!!!        


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