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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Malawati or Tabadlawati???

Hmmm….seems someone is knee-deep in the water. But thanks to her bulkiness, she manages to foot-stand firmly. The stalwart water-force (read Bee-Jay-Pee, Shame-aaj-bhi Party, Jabardast Development United*) that gushed out to shred the foolishly-strung, a-thousand-a-bead GARLAND was force-ceased (read House Adjourned). All efforts in vain, unyielding.

But it didn’t end there. Mr. Bee-Jay, the blue-eyed boy of Malawati, as The Hindu dated March 19 reads, was in charge of publicity.....oops, backfired and burned his hive. He was immediately handed over to the Medical and Health Department. As is the name, the place assigned. Well, he is not alone in this pervert, psychotic and bee-zarre transfer of duties. Needless to mention, this transfer is neither the first nor the last of Uththal-Puththal Pradesh.....it is a seasonal phenomena and every officer bequeaths his/her fate to it.

So, all this series of unfortunate (because public comes to know their representatives well)/fortunate (because public dethrones their representatives equally well) events pushes to just one MORALE of the story.....Kabhi Happy Kabhi Garam, Agle Election Mei Dekh Lenge Hum.

*Lots of love, keep it up and Good Luck!!!


  1. abey tuu kabse political commentator ban gaya...bas isi pe likhta hai!?

  2. Feeling of Deja-vu creeps in, when colloquial appeasement of their political GOD i,e "MADAM JI" of BSP gets withered.Thats what exactly happened here!!!
    nice epilogue.