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Monday, March 15, 2010

CATastrophe revisited......

'I Eye Emma' is the much-talked-about praani these days. Chat box, face-bhukh, tweet-her….aah, lots of mushrooming places. Characterized by unfair, irrational and confused behavior and approach, the members of this species have planned to swing talwaar against each other and end all respect they have earned so far.

1. Why did you not get any calls? Do you have any idea?
2. Did you think we are bound to call if you score this high?
3. Why are you trying to fool us that you studied sincerely in an engineering college? We know all about it, hence we have a reason.
4. Why do you want to quit your job? Do you guarantee you won’t prepare for Civil Services after the degree from our college?
5. How much has Tea-Sea-Ass paid you so far? Do you think you can pay tuition fee on your own? We definitely do not want to burden your parents anymore.
6. Why should we not burden those parents whose wards are simple graduates and could not get placed?
7. Why did you not score even better (around 99% maybe) in your secondary and senior secondary? Didn’t you dream about escalating criterias?

A friend Rajnish who got 99.5 %ile OA and 93+ %ile in each section has been greeted with the most surprising gift one can ever get. This never-before-seen score card, which resembles unseen passages of the C’mon Admission Taste initiative by Promo-trick does not contain any ‘I Eye Emma’ calls. There is a long list of unasked questions at the end of the passage….oops, score card.If you think you are capable of answering these questions, write the Taste next time. It will be PEPPER-based again. You don’t need to bring pencil, rather sit calm in front of your Pee-Sea like you did this time. Good luck!!!


aur haan, In-Daur toh kabhi mat sochna…..they are way ahead in the race. Cosy-Code will catch up soon. Pagal-khane tu jayega nahi aur Luck-now tera bahut kharab hai. You can expect ABC. Chal bahut hua, don’t SEE-LONG.


  1. And yes, another example for you....little SUB-STANDARD though. Neez's cousin got 99.9 %ile OA and 99+ %ile in each. Above 85% upto 10+2 and around 80% in graduation. Usko sirf AC ki hawa naseeb hui hai. BEE ne kab, kaha, kaise kaata, pata nahi....aur baaki ka toh maine pehle hi bata diya hai. LAGE RAHO!!!

  2. abe sale sasta mat maar yahan :x is it really true?

  3. lots of spilling mistakes netA ..aise kaise chalega...

  4. brilliant buddy...........nice way of expressing ur ideas, best one so far . :)

  5. A Laissez-faire of IIM's faux pas caught many aspirants flummoxed!!! Every year many go gung ho over CAT, but at the end It seems nothing more than wasting your energy in flogging a dead horse.
    Even GOD cannot assure of getting a BLACKI after having 99+ percentile.

  6. @ the above comment: maai baap, english mein likh do!!!

  7. @bunty....rightly indicated

    @abhinav, saral bhaasa ka proyog kar yaar :)